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 Graffiti info/lessons

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PostSubject: Graffiti info/lessons   13th December 2008, 21:50

Well, I decided to put up what I found as both information and lessons for drawing graffiti, I hope I'll be able to find more tutorials but this is the best for now - here
Though there aren't a lot of members yet I decided to post it so if someone decides to enter may use it ^^ Aaaand I really wanted to post something so the forum wouldn'd be so empty... ^^
However, here is the information I mentioned earlier:

"....The use of graffiti can be traced back to ancient civilisations. One can even say that graffiti or writing, as it is more commonly known, dates back to the cave drawings.

More often than not graffiti has been characterised as vandalism due to its associations with the spray-painted drawings you often see plastered over buildings and walls in cities.

Graffiti can be categorised in three common art forms: Tags, Pieces and Labels.

A tag is usually a simple one-coloured design (though it can be more complex). Put simply, it is a depiction of a writer or artist's nickname or message, and its aim is to send a message to other writers.

A piece or masterpiece is a more complex form of graffiti where a writer usually starts with some kind of pre-conceived plan or sketch. A piece tends to take graffiti more in the direction of character art, which has a big fan base. People will often be able to distinguish a writer's work by their character designs alone. Artists like D*Face, Insa, Sickboy and Inkie can all be recognised by the characters or symbols in their pieces.

A label is when a writer's tag or character design is printed on posters or stickers. Labels can be found in most cities around the world. This can be a great way for all kinds of artists to promote their art far and wide; usually you can find labels glued on the back of street signs, lampposts, and anywhere with a smooth surface that can have something stuck to it.

Although graffiti seems to have been part of our lives for ages, it was not until the 1970s that graffiti reinvented itself with a more modern term named writing, which first took root in the United States and later spread across the water to Europe.

The last decade has seen writing really take hold of the global art scene around the world. It is only now that you hear about graffiti events like Secret Wars, competitions and pieces on canvas, put in galleries

Here you may see the making of a piece (when the video finishes click on Part4 on the left side of the page).

And a few cool pics:

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Graffiti info/lessons
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